Lake Ozark Residents I want to thank you for your support, your vote and your desire to continue moving Lake Ozark forward. Lake Ozark has countless opportunities for smart growth, that growth represents “revenue” without raising taxes. Without increased revenue our city will continue to go without funding for our Roads, Sewer & Water projects and keep our Police Department at minimum levels of staffing.

Realizing very early in my first year I was unwelcomed by some former Administration and board members, I made an important choice; purge ahead despite their opposition. I invested that first year working behind the scenes setting up many needed initiatives, now over the past one year, with a strong spirit of cooperation, we have begun implementing some of those initiatives. Our goal is to make Lake Ozark more attractive to developers. We will continue these efforts as well as work hard to attract quality development projects that represent our history as one of Missouri’s leading tourist destinations. When you elected me two years ago as a “Write in Candidate” we made history together. Let’s continue to make history by creating opportunities that are long overdue in Lake Ozark.

I want everyone to think about this statistic… Over the past decade the City of Lake Ozark has lost 10 motels. Those motels brought tourists and vacationers to our town where they spent money at our local businesses. In 2023 and beyond, developers in the hospitality industry do not build hotels in markets that have 45’ height restrictions that were put in place in Lake Ozark by our former elected officials. The old board and P&Z wanted to preserve our views of the lake by limiting building height to 45’. I ask who can see over a 45’ building? This is just one example of how Lake Ozark has not been managed correctly and has often been bypassed by developers who seek communities that embrace growth rather than detour it.

Economic Development is like water, it seeks the path of least resistance. It avoids hurdles and long uphill battles. Lake Ozark residents have 90 miles of roads and utility infrastructure to maintain as well as provide police protection to our residents, second home owners and vacationers. Without growth we will have no other option but to seek taxation on multiple platforms. If you are like me, you don’t want to pay more taxes as taxes are often spent unwisely. I recognize I am your mayor however I don’t consider myself anything more than a businessman and taxpayer who want my tax dollars spent wisely.

Case in point…One of the biggest accomplishments in my first two years has been to increase our road capital improvement budget from $25k to $450k. That’s an amazing 1700% increase and we did it without raising taxes! Our roads didn’t get into such poor shape under my watch, however Im going to work hard to correct them while I serve as Mayor.

I encourage you to come to our Board of Alderman meetings and get involved. We have many boards that have citizen participation as well as several committees that have been created to seek public involvement. Last year I sought and received Board approval to “live stream” our Board of Alderman meetings, so the city is as transparent as possible. Live streaming board meetings is another opportunity for our citizens to engage the city with comments and suggestions.

While infrastructure and quality city services will remain our priority, we are open to other topics of interest to our citizens and business owners. Come join us at a Board meeting you are always welcome, and I encouraged you to participate.

Thank you for trusting me to lead Lake Ozark for another two years, I am excited to see what we can accomplish together!

Dennis Newberry

Mayor of Lake Ozark