At last nights BOA meeting our Alderman voted unanimously on Bill No. 2022-19 which amends Code Section 130.240 to allow capital improvement sales tax to be used for road infrastructure in addition to sewer and water improvements and debt related to bonds. This Bill will pave the way to grow our much needed road financing funds. Thank you Alderman!

Close to this time last year the Bikefest was without an event organizer and very close to not being allowed. A few months ago I asked our events committee and administration if we had a new events organizer for Bikefest, I was told no. Not willing to give up on providing a long term solution I sought a corporate sponsor who could help with the City of Lake Ozark’s additional expenses. Last night our Alderman unanimously approved Bill No. 2022-24 which approved a Memo of Understanding between Indian Motorcycle, Slingshot and Head Motor Company for a donation of $25k per year for the next 5 years for “Rally on the Bagnell Dam
Strip” held this year on Sept. 14-18th. The City of Lake Ozark is very grateful to Indian Motorcycle/Slingshot and Head Motor Company for seeing the value of the Motorcycle epicenter on our Bagnell Dam Blvd and we want to thank them for their financial contribution. We also want to recognize the new Event Organizer Jason Burle and SNAFU Bar for stepping up and organizing the event. Jason is working on several improvements for Rally on the Strip, we look forward to the event and wish our local businesses much success and safety to all that attend.

Mayor Newberry