Mayor Newberry on City Services

  • Assisted City in finding and hiring a New City Administrator, Municipal Judge and Chief of Police.
  • Assisted City in hiring a new Municipal Judge.
  • Created a Road Committee to assist with prioritizing and initiating road
  • Created a New Events Committee
  • Assisted City Administrator on raising building inspector pay grade by two levels thereby attracting a new building inspector.
  • Gave Police Officers 2 pay raises to stay competitive and assure residents and business owners quality police protection.
  • Implemented small increase to sewer bill to maintain aging lift stations
  • Assisted citizens of Overlook Road with city water access (still in process)
  • Implemented “live streaming” Board of Alderman meetings giving citizens and business owners more opportunities to engage in city

If re-elected as your Mayor, I will continue to apply my skillset as a strong negotiator and informed leader…accomplishing the heavy lifting that has been missing in Lake Ozark leadership for a very long time. I appreciate your support and hope to see you on April 4th.

Dennis Newberry