These Freedoms have kept our economy growing strong while other areas of the country have shut down, lost millions of dollars and important jobs. While business owners are losing their businesses across the country our businesses are growing and new businesses are opening. This is America at Lake Ozark.

Missouri is known as the “Show Me State” I’ve always interpreted our moniker to be a description of who we are as Missourians. We are pragmatic about our thoughts and actions, sensible people seeking to be informed before we make decisions or take to action. The facts are the US has a population of 330 million people. CDC data shows that as of the week of July 25, 2021, the US has had approximately 617,000 deaths attributed to COVID should you choose to believe your government stats are correct. (Remember the reports of hospitals nationwide attributing non Covid deaths for insurance purposes) The percentage of people in the US that have died in 18 months is .00183 or 1 out of every 535 people. By comparison 1 out of every 597 Missourians have died due to COVID so the facts demonstrate we have a lower death rate than the national numbers show.

Missourians are reluctant to close down our businesses, make mandates that aren’t proven, disrupt our children’s education and interfere with our rights to practice our Religious Freedoms. The facts are there is so much disinformation it is difficult to know what to believe. I seek facts and base my decisions on those facts.

The National media continues to suggest we are not handling COVID correctly. I believe they are incorrect. These media outlets give no consideration for natural immunity and exposure immunity. Consider the state of Massachusetts has a population of 6,893,000 and has a 1 in 381 death rate. The State of New York has a population of 19,450,00 and a 1 in 365 rate of death. Both states have a higher vaccination rate than Missouri. As your Mayor, I will continue to let our state Moniker “Show Me” the facts.

We welcome you to come see for yourself, the Freedoms we believe in have us experiencing a booming economy. I will do my best to keep this momentum going while keeping you updated on stats and best safety measures.


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